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Our Agro Commodity Business


The world's most relished Basmati rice is cultivated in the foothills of Himalayas. Soil and climate of the region account for the unique aroma, taste and texture of basmati rice. The word 'Basmati' comes from the Hindi language, meaning 'Queen of Fragrance'. Basmati has a fine aromatic flavour with long and slender grains. When cooked, it swells only lengthwise, thereby resulting in long slender grains that are dry, separate and fluffy.

Non Basmati

Indian Non-Basmati Rice has now penetrated many markets in rice importing countries all over the world. India's Parmal rice and Parboiled rice varieties are vastly in demand in the markets of Middle East and Africa. We export selected varieties of Non - Basmati Rice procured from the best Non - Basmati growing areas of India. We have long grain fragrant and Non fragrant rice, Medium grain rice, short and broken grade rice.

Quality Assurance

Before procurement, each and every lot is being thoroughly checked by drawing samples from different areas and is being tested in our hi-tech laboratories for various parameters to ensure that the ready product delivered to our customers, fully satisfies their needs. The Quality checks happen at every phase of the production process and even after the production.

Raw Material/ In Process/ Finished Products Assured Quality

Our Approach

At Impact we understand the importance of quality and commitment to win your trust. This is why we use the most modern techniques for milling and processing to ensure only the best grains reach to our customers.

Why Us

The Quality assurance system at Impact make sure that the grains being distributed all over the world are of high standards and quality with utmost hygiene. By the strategic use of all available resources, the company reduces its cost of production and thus delivering to its clients at the most competitive price.